Electronic and Programming Offseason Preparations:

To prepare for the 2022 competition, the E&P co-leads Emma and Vayun created two projects to help mentor their subteam: helpful tutorial documents and a codebase.


On Github, we pushed and publicly shared our FRC codebase. Our codebase abstracted the motors and encoders, making a library to standardize the programming. We made multiple subsystems like arm, elevator, tank drive, swerve drive, octocanum drive, and many more. Along with that, we created some limelight commands as reflective tape is included in every competition. This made our 2022 programming process much more efficient.


For our FRC team, but now for everyone, we made our Electronics and Programming documentation available to all who needed help, especially rookies and beginners. We have collections of helpful resources, step-by-step guides for wiring, and also example code. This will be a great resource for future members as well.