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MATE has become a significant and integral part of Singapore American School’s high school robotics team. Through MATE, students of all skill levels can come together in an encouraging environment to learn about robots as they build them. Due to its unique nature as one of Singapore’s few underwater robotics competitions, MATE strives to encourage students to apply their skills and knowledge to unfamiliar situations. All beginner, intermediate, advanced robotics enthusiasts are welcome to join the MATE community to build some underwater bots!

About Mate

MATE encourages students to apply their STEM knowledge of engineering, electrical systems, computer programming, and other robotics-related skills to building underwater ROVs (Remotely Operated underwater Vehicle) that can help solve many real-world problems. From plastics in the ocean to climate change’s impact on coral reefs, global challenges are often at the center of MATE robots, as students build an ROV that can tackle these challenges in a controlled and supportive environment. This program also emphasizes cooperation and collaboration between all team members in order to not only produce a high-quality robot but also spread a love of STEM and other engineering-related pursuits and build a supportive community at the same time.