We Are FRC Team 4817: One Degree North

“More than ever, the world needs good engineers.”

-Dean Kamen, co-founder of FIRST

What is FRC?

FRC is a world-renowned international high school robotics competition. With strict rules and limited resources, teams of students are tasked each year with creating a robot that can perform a set number of tasks. Teams learn how to design, fabricate, and assemble parts for their robot, as well as how to wire and program robots in order to accomplish the tasks set out in that year’s game.  

A render of the game field from the 2022 Competition, RAPID REACT.

About Us

Our team was created in 2012, and we are the first FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) team in Southeast Asia. In the ten years since, we’ve grown from a small band of friends working in a repurposed art room to a team of over 30 dedicated students in a dedicated robotics space at our school. Throughout it all, we’ve focused on building a student-driven program, having students learn from others, and having a community of engaged robotics  and our enthusiasm for robotics and commitment to FIRST have taken us all over the world.

Photo Gallery